CRES Meeting 2019

Dear CRES visitor,

CRES is presented as an attractive and accessible international educational program that is created in a mutual cooperation between DRES and NASKHO. The target groups for this unique conference are all stakeholders (such as policy makers, general practitioners, cardiologists, vascular and cardiac surgeons, radiologists, intensive care medical professionals, allied professionals, nurses, physiotherapists and cardiac revalidation experts) in cardiovascular care.

Both foundations have a historical interest in each other’s contribution to high clinical educational programs in particular concerning cardiovascular disease. The demographic characteristics in some areas (north eastern part) in The Netherlands (such as overweight, diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and smoking habits) are similar to those in the leeward and windward islands of The Netherlands Antilles. Therefore, cardiac care programs in both countries could spur medical professionals to compare and improve operational programs. The influence of gender, sex, race, ethnicity and lifestyle in regional and local cardiac care should be more in focus in this time of globalism.

The organizers of CRES are proud to present this first edition. A place to learn and share medical expertise in a pleasant environment. Come and enjoy this challenging and interactive platform with live or taped cases, workshops and state of the art lectures. Broaden your network right here. Accreditation for the different specialties will be arranged.

Bon bini at CRES 2019 and save the date 3 and 4 of December 2019! Te pronto!

On behalf of the DRES and NASKHO foundations


CRES Organising Committee

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