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About Us



DRES was founded by a small group of intervention cardiologists working at  4 different heart centers located across The Netherlands. Their aim was to create a venue where the focus was set at interdisciplinary interaction within cardiocvascular care. They targeted existing operational barriers to optimise constructive collaboration.

Together with several leading authorities of cardiac surgery, intensive care and ambulance care, the first congres was held in 2011 with nearly 300 participants. At present the DRES meeting is visited by more than 600 participants. This confirms the general acceptance of the unique DRES formula amongst stakeholders in cardiovascular care.


The DRES foundation facilitaties the translation of scientific results to daily clinical practice by improving communication patterns and opportunities amongst the several stakeholders involved in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. DRES supports this by encouraging proactive participation of young  and experienced professionals of daily practice and key opinion leaders. With this so called crosslearning DRES positions itself as an easy access educational platform that should harbour sustainable competitive advantage amongst others. The final goal is to achieve improvement in the quality of service delivery.


DRES aims to become an international platform –  for the different disciplines involved in cardiovascular care – to implement the aforementioned mission statement.


Gillian Jessurun
Raymond Hautvast
Peter Danse
Peter Smits

Secretariat Mediscon
Tonne Verdonk
Jochem Treu

Harry Crijns
Peter-Paul Delnoy
Isabelle van Gelder
Robert Klautz
Massimo Mariani
Martijn Meuwissen
Niels van Royen
Marcoen Scholten
Advisory Board
Martin Hemels
Jan van der Heijden
Ad van den Heuvel
Sjoerd Hofma
Jan-Peter van Kuijk
Wim Morshuis
Rutger-Jan Nuis
Rob de Winter
Arthur Liqui Lung
Casper Lacle